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Replace your Boiler & Reduce your Heating Bills. Fantastic packages available from just £33 per month

AJ Hurst are offering a brand new Worcester or Baxi condensing boiler supplied and installed by our experienced team of Gas Safe Registered Engineers.

At AJ Hurst we assess your budget and requirements to offer you the best possible boiler package for your needs:

High Efficiency ‘A’ rated Combi Boiler from Worcester or Baxi

10 Year Boiler Warranty – unlimited full parts, labour and callouts

Interest free credit up to 5 years also available (subject to status)

Package also includes, power flush, carbon monoxide detector, and central heating filter

Installation by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer plus 12 months installation warranty on parts and labour)

Free 1st Year Annual Service

Working across the UK we have the expertise to provide you with a quick and efficient installation service, with minimal disruption to your home and first class customer service. We offer 0% finance options on boiler and central heating packages meaning you can enjoy a warm winter without breaking the bank.

The Gas Safety Register is the official list of engineers in the UK accredited to work safely and legally with boilers and other gas appliances.

All the engineers that install on behalf of AJ Hurst are Gas Safe Registered, giving you the peace of mind that your central heating installation will be performed to the highest industry standards.

Why Upgrade Your Boiler?

Boilers account for around 60% of what you spend on energy bills, so an efficient boiler can make a big difference.

Replacing an old boiler with a high efficiency condensing boiler and improving your heating controls you could expect to save 30% on heating costs. Energy Saving Trust figures reveal you could save more than £300 per year. The Energy Saving Trust website gives estimated cost savings based on replacing an old boiler with a new A-rated condensing boiler and full set of heating controls, in a gas-heated semi-detached home with three bedrooms. The remaining figures can be seen to the right.

Old Boiler Rating Yearly Saving Co2 Saving
£105 420kg
£150 610kg
£200 810kg
£300 1,220kg

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What size of boiler will I need?

Our surveyor will determine the size of the boiler required, however, the boiler should be capable of providing heat for the number of radiators in the house – over sizing will result in lower efficiency and unnecessary capital costs. The size of boiler will depend on the size of your home, how well it is insulated and the type of heating system you have.

What is a system flush?

When the boiler is replaced it is important to make sure that the system is cleaned and treated. A clogged up system will not allow full efficiency of the boiler to be met, meaning more fuel will be needed to heat the house. A system flush (worth up to £500) is included in our package.

What is involved in the install?

We start the installation process between 8am and 9am and we need someone over the age of 18 to allow us access to the property.

We will remove your old boiler, perform a free radiator flush of your existing system (worth up to £500), install your new grade A boiler, then clean up and take away your old boiler. We complete all safety checks and tests and talk you through any queries you may have.

What makes a boiler efficient?

When choosing a new boiler efficiency is important. An efficient boiler is one that turns as much of its fuel into useful energy with as little wasted as possible.

A condensing boiler is always more efficient than a non condensing boiler. It works by extracting as much heat as possible from the flue gases using a large heat exchanger. In the process of doing this the temperature of the flue gases is reduced from 150 – 200 degrees centigrade down to 50 – 60 degrees centigrade, creating a water vapour called condensate. This is not harmful it is just a sign your boiler is working correctly.

Overall system efficiency is dictated by many different factors which include the type of boiler, radiator size, system controls and regular servicing.

What is SEDBUK?

The higher the SEDBUK rating your boiler has the less carbon dioxide you will be emitting into the atmosphere when you are warming your house. In money terms, by installing a SEDBUK A rated boiler, for every £1 you spend on gas to power your boiler, between 90p and 94p is turned into useful heat and hot water. With a SEDBUK B rated boiler this reduces to between 86p and 89p out of every £1 and for standard efficiency boilers this is even less.

Boilers for heating and hot water use much more energy than any other household appliance. For an average household with central heating, 84% of its energy consumption is for heating and hot water. It is therefore important to choose an efficient A rated boiler and have it installed correctly – both for money saving and for the environment.

What are the benefits of a High Efficiency A-rated boiler?

You will save money. In effect, you will see a reduction in your gas bills of up to 35%.

The reduction in gas bills starts form the moment you fit a High Efficiency boiler. If you set that against the extra cost of buying the boiler, the savings will outweigh the costs within 3-4 years. This depends on various factors, including house size.